Torr 14th was the Imperial Sovereign who most characterized the New Shi'ar Imperium during the Era of Anti-Imperial Rebellions. He fully used his powers to grant decrees under two laws passed under his father Torr 13th. He was elected Sovereign by the Imperial Council in Year 6541 of the New Shi'ar Calendar.

In Year 6577, the Imperial Council passed a law granting the ruling Imperial Sovereign almost unlimited powers to legislate by decree. The only limitations imposed by this law was that the ruling Sovereign could not decree the dissolution or complete abolition of the Imperial Council or interfere with the Council composition or membership.

Nevertheless, the Council was reduced to a mere advisory council.

The Fist of the Shi'ar People became a paramilitary force that harassed and intimidated both non-Shi'ar and even dissident Shi'ar.

By Year 6700, an increasing number of non-Shi'ar races were excluded from the Imperial Guard, and concentration camps were set up on several worlds to detain dissidents both peaceful and in armed rebellion, mostly non-Shi'ar but including certain Shi'ar, too.

By Year 6800, the use of weapons of mass destruction (biological, chemical, nuclear, and anti-matter) was authorized by Torr 14th, but this only drove more non-Shi'ar and even dissident Shi'ar to fight to overthrow Imperium rule.

In Year 6914, Torr 14th became permanently insane, but the Imperial Regents who nominally governed the Imperium were appointed by the Guard-Fist Junta that seized power that year.

Although now powerless, Torr 14th would technically rule the New Shi'ar Imperium until his death at the age of 501 in Year 6954.