Torr 13th was the son of Lalandra V and brother of Lalandra VI. He was elected as Imperial Sovereign by the Imperial Council in Year 6511 of the New Shi'ar Calendar at the advanced age of 507, and served in that position for 30 years until his death of old age.

Facing the rising rebellions against the New Shi'ar Imperium by non-Shi'ar races, he felt compelled to assumed limited powers to legislate by decree when the Imperial Council in Year 6522 passed an Imperial Soveteign Decree Act, to which Torr 13th reluctantly granted the Imperial Assent. The Imperial Assent was also granted to a Civil Rights Suspension Act passed by the Council in Year 6537, toward the end of Torr 13th's reign and life, which permitted the ruling Sovereign by decree to suspend the civil liberties of any people living under the rule of the Imperium who engaged in treasonous activities or seditious speech.

In the last years of his life, Torr 13th became a supporter of the Fist of the Shi'ar People.