Torr 10th was the son of Torr IX, elected by the Imperial Council in Year 5000 of the New Shi'ar Calendar. He in practice was mainly disinterested in politics, leaving political decisions to Council members, his appointed ministers and advisors, and the Fist of the Shi'ar People. His only real exercise of governmental duties apart from appointing ministers and advisors was the granting of Imperial Assent to (and the occasional veto of) bills passed by the Imperial Council.

His real interest lay in matters of religion, particularly the teachings of the Church of the True God, the Pantheon of the Old Gods, and even Mork and Gork, racial deities of the Orks.

He became mentally insane in Year 5412, and a number of Imperial Regents were selected randomly from the Imperial Council since Torr 10th was mentally incapacitated.

He was removed as Sovereign by two-thirds vote of the Imperial Council in Year 5445. He died three years at the age of 538.