Space Gypsies represent a nomadic society within the Pocket Universe whose people permanently live on Asteroid ships. They travel in their Hyperdrive-equipped vessels across the local universe politically independent of both individual planets and interstellar governments like the New Shi'ar Imperium and the Systems Commonwealth. Most Space Gypsies are Humans but plenty of members of other races are in Gypsie ranks as well.

They sometimes trade with outsiders.

They are on friendly terms with the Rebel Alliance but mostly despise the United Pirate Clans.

In matters of religion, the Space Gypsies profess a belief in a monotheistic God, although Gypsie religion is more a mixture of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam than Shi'ar beliefs regarding the Church of the True God.

Their relations with Orks, the New Shi'ar Imperium, the Systems Commonwealth, and the Interplanetary Neo-British Kingdom tend to be mixed, but Gypsies are uniformly in hostile relations with the Cylons, the Sontaran Dominion, and the Kurgan Caliphate.

The Space Gypsies as a culture first emerged during the Early New Shi'ar Imperial Era as the rapid expansion and control of the local universe by the Shi'ar-dominated regime may have spawned a desire by certain people to remain independent of any sort of interplanetary, interstellar government.

Gypsie religion is believed to be a counter-cultural reaction to the sometimes aggressive missionary proselytizing by various sects of the Church of the True God.

The desire of Space Gypsies to generally remain neutral in interstellar politics originated during the Era of Anti-Imperial Rebellions as proto-Gyosies wanted to remain neutral in warfare between the Imeperium and rebel elements.

Gypsies will sometimes fly their ships into the Warp Barrier to escape real or potential enemies.