Sontarans are a militaristic race of clones whose home planet Sontar is actually part of the Pocket Universe. Sontar and thev Sontarans were part of the New Shi'ar Imperium, even serving in the Imperial Guard, until the Era of Anti-Imperial Rebellions. During that time, the Sontarans broke free from Shi'ar rule by Year 6775 of the New Shi'ar Calendar, and soon established the Sontaran Dominion.

Sontarans are always male, dark skinned, and shorter than but stronger than Shi'ar and Humans.

Sontarans in matters of religious tend to follow the teachings of the Church of the True God, albiet they believe the True God has designated the Sontarans as his chosen people.

In Alternate Universes different from Universe 1 (the orthodox version of the Pocket Universe) Sontarans do not convert to worship of the True God, but rather still worship their traditional, polytheistic pantheon of deities.