Shi'ar are a race of humanoids decesnded from birds.  They possess feathers on their heads instead of hair.  In the Old Universe, the Shi'ar ruled an intergalactic empire covering thousands of galaxies.  That, however, ended when their native solar system, including their native planet Chandilar, passed through one of the various Wormholes connecting the Old Universe with the Pocket Universe.

Shi'ar are hatched from eggs.  They mature at 45 years old, and can live to be well over over 500 years old, but rarely more than 600 years old.

Both the Shi'ar race and other races within the Pocket Universe have used the so-called New Shi'ar Calendar to measure time in their universe.  Year 0 was the year that Chandilar's solar system first entered the Pocket Universe.  The current year is Year 12,100.

The Shi'ar have two main religions:

Church of the True God

Pantheon of the Old Gods