The Second Dynasty was a family line of Shi'ar Imperial Sovereign rulers who transformed the New Shi'ar Imperium into a more militaristic, imperialist government that sought to conquer the entirety of the Pocket Universe.  The founder of the line was Torr V, a distant relative of Lalandra III and direct descendant of Torr IV.

Second Dynasty rulers were somewhat less tolerant of non-Shi'ar races than were their First Dynasty counterparts.  They were also more likely to veto bills passed by the Imperial Council

This period also saw the influence of the Fist of the Shi'ar People.

This dynasty helped to color the Early New Shi'ar Imperial Era.

Torr V (Years 2511 to 2900)

Torr VI (Years 2900 to 3333)

Torr VII (Years 3333 to 3750)

Torr VIII (Years 3750 to 4102)

Lalandra IV (Years 4102 to 4555)

Torr IX (Years 4555 to 5000)

Torr 10th (Years 5000 to 5445)

Torr 11th (Years 5445 to 5909)

Torr 12th (5909 to 6188)