Sebaceans are a race of humanoids who externally appear identical to Humans, although both races have internal organs that are clearly different.  Sebaceans are also especially sensitive to heat. 

The Sebacean homeworld was in the Old Universe, and they became part of the Shi'ar's original, Old Universe, intergalactic Imperium, and a large number of Sebaceans settled on Chandilar

When the New Shi'ar Imperium spread across the Pocket Universe in the Early New Shi'ar Imperial Era, Sebacean communities appeared scattered across the local universe. When the Assembly of Alien Races was created, a few Sebaceans have always been represented in the Assembly.

Sabacean religion is based upon the Church of the True God, espcially the official Church headquartered on Chandilar. 

Sebaceans have sometimes been attacked by Cylon robot forces operating from New Cylon because the Sebaceans were mistaken for true humans. 

Sebaceans are differents from many humans in the fact that most Sebaceans are strict vegetarians. 

Sebaceans within the Systems Commonwealth tend to favor the Alliance Party over the Anti-Imperial Party, and Sebaceans within the New Shi'ar Imperium have tended to be pro-Imperium even during the Era of Anti-Imperial Rebellions.