Saurians are a race of reptilian humanoids that live in both the Old Universe and the Pocket Universe.  Their original homeworld in the Old Universe, Saurus, was a warm, tropical planet that eventually was ruled by the Shi'ar in their original Imperium in the Old Universe. 

The Saurians spread out across the worlds and galaxies of the Shi'ar's original intergalactic empire, and a fairly large Saurian population settled on Chandilar, the Shi'ar racial homeworld and political capital. 

On Suarus itself, a handful of Wormholes led to several widely spread worlds within the Pocket Universe, and a population of Saurians ended up in that universe as well.

With the rise and growth of the New Shi'ar Imperium, ended up scattered across the Pocket Universe.

During the Era of Anti-Imperial Rebellions, Saurians fought both for and against the Imperium.

Saurians have tails, periodically shed their skins, and lay eggs.  They also have skin colors ranging from bright red to dark grey. 

In matters of religion, Saurians have either converted to the Church of the True God, worshipping the True God as a monotheistic Supreme Being, or combined the Pantheon of the Old Gods with the worship of traditional Saurian deities.