The Ratlings are a race of rodent-like humanoids native to Felonia.  When the New Shi'ar Imperium rapidly expanded during the Early New Shi'ar Imperial Era, many Ratlings left Felonia ans settled far across the Pocket Universe.

During the Era of Anti-Imperial Rebellions, some Ratlings took a stand against the Imperium.  Many Ratlings would eventually wind up under the jurisdictions of non-Imperium governments like the Systems Commonwealth, the Kurgan Caliphate, and the Sontaran Dominion.

Ratlings in matters of religion follow the teachings of the Church of the True God (both the official Church headquartered on Chandilar and splinter/local sects).   Some Ratlings in the Kurgan Caliphate are fanatical followers of the Caliphate's official version of True God worship.

A number of Ratlings are members of the United Pirate Clans.

In the New Shi'ar Imperium, a small contingent of Ratlings has always been present in the Assembly of Alien Races.