Welcome to the Pocketuniverse WikiEdit

This is about a pocket universe called simply the Pocket Universe, which is separate from the universe containing the planet Earth, often called the Old Universe.

Pocket Universe (Orthodox Version)Edit

Shi'ar Orks Hyperdrive Neo-Britain Sontarans Droids Saurians Kurgan Caliphate Theurgy Double planets of Asguardia and Alfheim Systems Commonwealth Astrotech Cartel Felonia Sebaceans Shi'ar Ducats Cyclops Corellia Muscovy COMPNOR Asteroid ships Airspeeders TIE fighters Bulk cruisers Corellian saucers Imperial Star Destroyers Force fields Drakarans Rebel Alliance Chandrila Cylon Sector Wierdboyz Nobs Warbosses Fest Mos Eisley Space Gypsies Mandalore blasters kinetic-kill missiles weapons of mass destruction Landspeeders Aquaspeeders Rodia Trade Federation Language in the Pocket Universe

Outside the Orthodox Version of the Pocket UniverseEdit

Pocket Universe in Year 12,600 Alternate Universes