The Pantheon of the Old Gods represents the original religious beliefs of the Shi'ar before the rise of the Church of the True God on Chandilar tens of thousands of years ago in the Old Universe.

The leading deities of the Pantheon are as follows:

the Allfather, creator of the Shi'ar people (in the Pocket Universe the Allfather is asumed to have created non-Shi'ar as well)

the Mother Goddess, creator of animal and plant life

the children of the Allfather and the Mother Goddess, representing such aspects as education, science, fertility, weather, emotions, peace, justice, war, and pure evil. 

the Ascended, mortals who have ascended to godhood. 

Although the Church of the True God includes most of the Shi'ar in the Pocket Universe, 20 to 25 percent of Shi'ar in the Pocket Universe worship the Old Gods.  In recent centuries and millennia in the Pocket Universe, religious leaders of the Pantheon have become more accepting of non-Shi'ar converts.