Orks are a green-skinned, warlike humanoid race that is often larger and stronger than Humans.  Orks reproduce asexually by budding, with buds on an adult Ork breaking off to form a small baby Ork called a Snotling.  A Snotling then rapidly grows in less than a year into a fully-grown Ork.  An Ork's favorite weapons are blades called Choppas and slugthrowing guns called Sluggas. 

Orks worship a pair of deities called Mork and Gork.  The Orks' historical homeworld Orklandia exists in a small galaxy within the Old Universe, and hundreds of Wormholes connect Orklandia to various planets and moons within the Pocket Universe

Orks are often hired by non-Ork races as mercenaries.

A few Orks within the New Shi'ar Imperium have over the centuries won seats in the Assembly of Alien Races.