The New Shi'ar Imperium is a major interplanetary government within the Pocket Universe, mostly dominated by the Shi'ar race.  It was first formed in Year 1001 of the New Shi'ar Calendar.  It is patterned after the historical orginal, intergalactic Shi'ar Imperium that existed within the Old Universe.

The government of the New Shi'ar Imperium includes the position of Imperial Sovereign and two legislative bodies:  the Imperial Council and the Assembly of Alien Races.  Any changes in the laws of the Imperium require the approval of all three.  In case the Imperial Sovereign is physically or mentally incapacitated or the position of Sovereign is vacant, one member of the Imperal Council is selected by random lottery to serve as the Imperial Regent.

The dominant political party in the Imperium currently is the Constitutional Monarchy Party, although it's position is challenged by the Fist of the Shi'ar People and the Party for an Interplanetary Republic.

The military and law-enforcement functions of the Imperium are vested in the Imperial Guard.

The majority of people living within the Imperium are Humans.

The assassination of Imperial Sovereign Lalandra 14th in Year 12,113 launched the Shi'ar Civil War that divided the Imperium into the New Republic, the Pure Imperium, and the True Imperium.

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