Neo-Britain is a world, a moon of a gas giant planet, within the Pocket Universe. Over the centuries and millennia, the Wormholes have transported Humans from Earth in the Old Universe. The culture of the Earth nation of Great Britain has influenced the politics, society, and culture of Neo-Britain.

At one time, Neo-Britain was part of the New Shi'ar Imperium, but it successfully broke away from the rule of the Imperial Sovereigns in Year 6819 of the New Shi'ar Calendar during the height of the Era of Anti-Imperial Rebellions.

Subsequently, Neo-Britain became the interplanetary capital of the Interplanetary Neo-British Kingdom.

The largest organized religion on the planet, the Church of Neo-Britain, has largely adopted the tenants of the Church of the True God.

The world is located in the Delta Quadrant, 257,000 light years from the Warp Barrier and 243,000 light years from the black hole at the center of the Pocket Universe.

The local government on New Britain is in the hands of 24 District Lords appointed by their extended family, House Hawkwood.  The commoners on New Britain directly elect their own representatives to the House of Commons.