Muscovy is a planet in the Pocket Universe that is the capital of the Systems Commonwealth. The local population is mostly Humans.

Muscovy has had humans arrive from Earth in the Old Universe via the Wormholes. Historically, it's culture was influenced by the Earth nation of Russia. The local government is nominally headed by a hereditary Czar, but the real power is vested in a hereditary class of boyars who compose the upper chamber of the Planetsry Duma. The lower chamber of the Duma is democratically elected, but in practice only members of the two main parties, Whites and Reds, both dominated by boyar leadership, win seats in the lower chamber.

Local religion is represented by competition between the Muscovy Orthodox Church, a purely Christian sect, and the Church of the True God (both the official Chandilar-based Church and local splinter sects).

Muscovy was at one time part of the New Shi'ar Imperium, but broke away during the Era of Anti-Imperial Rebellions and became part of the Systems Commonwealth in Year 6910 of the New Shi'ar Calendar.

In Year 6999, Muscovy replaced Corellia as capital of the Commonwealth after Corellia was conquered by the Sontarans and the Sontaran Dominion.

More recently, the local parties on Muscovy have semi-officially affiliated with the Commonwealth parties. The Whites have become the local branch of the Alliance Party and the Reds the local arm of the Anti-Imperial Party.