Lalandra VII was founder of the New Shi'ar Imperium's Fifth Dynasty. She was a distant cousin of Torr 14th and a member of the Imperial Council. After the Guard-Fist Junta restored power to the Council in Year 6959 of the New Shi'ar Imperium with the Constitutional Monarchy Decree, the future Lalandra VII was randomly selected by lottery in the traditional fashion to serve as Imperial Regent. She served as Regent in Years 6959 and 6960, and proved to be so popular she was elected in Year 6960 as the Imperial Sovereign when she was 200 years old.

She helped to secure peaceful and diplomatic relations with the Systems Commonwealth and the Interplanetary Neo-British Kingdom and persuaded the Imperial Council to pass legislation establishing the Assembly of Alien Races.

She abdicated in Year 7111 and retired from politics, becoming an ordained priestess of the official, Chandilar-based, orthodox version of the Church of the True God.