Hyperdrive, based upon gravity-control technology, permits spaceships to travel faster-than-light in both the Old Universe and the Pocket Universe.  Hyperdrive was first introduced to the Pocket Universe by the Shi'ar when their homeworld Chandilar first came to the Pocket Universe via the Wormholes.

In the Old Universe, hyperdrive permitted spaceships to travel up to about 50 billion times the speed of light.  The much smaller size of the Pocket Universe (being only about half a million light-years across) forced hyperdrive to be far lower-powered, meaning the maximum speed of any spaceship within the Pocket Universe is generally 10 million times the speed of light. 

In practice, the threat of the black hole at the center of the Pocket Universe as well as the Warp Barrier often causes spaceship pilots to limit their faster-than-light jumps to no longer  than 5000 light years at speeds no greater than 100,000 times the speed of light.