House Harkonnen is a noble family of Humans who hold a number of seats in the House of Lords on Neo-Britain and dominate government on the planet Geidi Prime.  They are not the biggest players in the Interplanetary Neo-British Kingdom, but many members are rumored to have criminal connections to the United Pirate Clans and other underground organizations. Many Harkonnens also own legitimate business interests on Neo-Britain itself, on a number of worlds governed by nobles of House Hawkwood, House Hazat, and House Corrino as well as on a number of planets within the New Shi'ar Imperium and the Systems Commonwealth.  If it were not for the ownership of these industrial and commercial enterprises (and possible criminal connections), House Harkonnen would have been relegated to the ranks of the Minor houses.

The common people of Geidi Prime technically elect their representatives to the House of Commons, but elections are rigged to favor pro-Harkonnen candidates.