The Guard-Fist Junta was a council appointed by the Imperial Guard and the Fist of the Shi'ar People that seized power on Chandilar in Year 6914 of the New Shi'ar Calendar after Imperial Sovereign Torr 14th was rendered permanently insane. The Junta appointed a series of Imperial Regents to nominally govern the New Shi'ar Imperium and used the Imperial Council as an occasional advisory body, but the Junta were the de facto rulers of the Imperium for several decades.

At the time of Torr 14th's death in a year 6954, the New Shi'ar Imperium had lost large portions of the Pocket Universe to new governments such as the Systems Commonwealth, the Interplanetary Neo-British Kingdom, and the Sontaran Dominion.

Public opinion desired a less warlike, more peaceful, and more constitutional government, so in Year 6959, the Junta passed the Constitutional Monarchy Decree restoring power to the Imperial Council.