The Fist of the Shi'ar People was a Shi'ar political organization that first arose to influence within the New Shi'ar Imperium during the Five Centuries Regency, especially within the Imperial Council, and later largely influenced the policies of Imperial Sovereign monarchs of the Second Dynasty and later the Fourth Dynasty

It lost much influence during the Fifth Dynasty

The Fist of the Shi'ar People preached domination of the Pocket Universe by the Shi'ar government and people.  It was very pro-military, staunchly supporting the Imperial Guard.  The organization during the Fourth Dynasty also favored the granting of semi-autocratic powers to the ruling Sovereign and largely view non-Shi'ar as inferior people.

Although the Fist organization had a Shi'ar-only membership who members were frequently racist in their attitude toward non-Shi'ar, they never harbored any genocidal tendencies like the robotic Cylons would toward Humans.  It was far more likely that Fist members viewed non-Shi'ar as forever needing the moral and political guidance of a Shi'ar self-appointed elite, somewhat like strict parents dealing with wayward children.

It still had a few Imperial Council members as supporters and retained some support among rank-and-file Shi'ar as late as the Sixth Dynasty.