The First Dynasty was the family line of Shi'ar Imperial Sovereigns beginning with Tholag Torr.  Tholag Torr and his direct descendants ruled the planet Chandilar after it first came into the Pocket Universe via the Wormholes, and later founded the New Shi'ar Imperium.  They led the Imperium through it's early interplanetary expansion in the Early New Shi'ar Imperial Era.

The First Dynasty Sovereigns were fairly liberal in their attitude toward non-Shi'ar races.  They also almost never vetoed legislation passed by the Imperial Council.  It was during the First Dynasty that male rulers adopted the name Torr and female rulers the name Lalandra (in honor of Lalandra Torr, Tholag Torr's wife).

Tholag Torr (Years 0 to 521)

Torr II (Years 521 to 747)

Torr III (Years 747 to 989)

Lalandra I (Years 989 to 1200)

Torr IV (Years 1200 to 1600)

Lalandra II (Years 1600 to 1799)

Lalandra III (Years 1799 to 2030)