The Fifth Dynasty of Shi'ar Imperial Sovereigns, founded by Lalandra VII, a distant cousin of Torr 14th, helped to establish the reputation of the New Shi'ar Imperium in the Modern New Shi'ar Imperial Era.  Power was largely restored to the Imperial Council.  Moreover, a somewhat more tolerant attitude toward non-Shi'ar races emerged, including the creation of and the consultation of the Assembly of Alien Races.

Lalandra VII (Years 6960 to 7111)

Lalandra VIII (Years 7111 to 7345)

Torr 15th (Years 7345 to 7800)

Torr 16th (Years 7800 to 8200)

Curzon Gorr (Year 8200 to 8240)

Lalandra IX (Years 8240 to 8566)

Torr 17th (Years 8566 to 8900)

Lalandra 10th (Years 8900 to 9120)

Lalandra 11th (Years 9120 to 9125)

Lalandra 12th (Years 9125 to 9416)

Torr 18th (Years 9416 to 9900)

Torr 19th (Years 9900 to 10,334)

Torr 20th (Years 10,334 to 10,702)

Torr 21st (Years 10,702 to 11,000)

Lalandra 13th (Years 11,000 to 11,223)

Torr 22nd (Years 11,233 to 11,700)