Felonia, a moon of a gas giant planet, was part of a solar system within the Pocket Universe.  It was also the homeworld of two races of cat-like humanoids:  Simbas and Tigras.   It was also home to a third race of sentient humanoids:  the rodent-like Ratlings.

Felonia historically was dominated by two nations:  the Simba-dominated Northern KIngdom and the Tigra-dominated Southern Kingdom.  The ruling monarch and most of the hereditary nobles in the Northern Kingdom were Simbas (with some Tigra nobles), while the Southern KIngdom had a Tigra as ruling monarch and virtually all of the southern hereditary nobles were Tigra. 

Ratlings in both kingdoms were of the lowest caste.  The majority of both Sinbas and Tigras were commoners who made up a middle class between the royalty and nobility on the one hand and the Ratling lower class on the other.

The Shi'ar first arrived on Felonia in Year 1020 of the New Shi'ar Calendar, and soon after large numbers of Ratlings and non-noble Simbas and Tigras converted to the Church of the True God

In Year 1044, a violent revolution saw the two old kingdoms overthrown and replaced by a theocratic regime led by priests of the True God, and by Year 1050 Felonia joined the New Shi'ar Imperium

Felonia remained loyal to the Imperium during the Era of Anti-Imperial Rebellions

More recently, in Year 11,500, Felonia willingly and enthusiastically joined te Kurgan Caliphate