The Delta Quadrant is the one-fourth of the Pocket Universe located between the Gamma Quadrant and the Alpha Quadrant.   On the opposite side of the local universe is the Beta Quadrant.

The Interplanetary Neo-British Kingdom is located entirely with the Delta Quadrant.  The Cylon Sector has the majority of it's territory here, and the planet New Cylon is located here as well.

The New Shi'ar Imperium is weaker here than in the Alpha Quadrant and the Beta Quadrant, and the Systems Commonwealth is weaker here than in the Beta Quadrant and the Gamma Quadrant

The Sontaran Dominion and the Kurgan Caliphate have made considerable gains in the Delta Quadrant. 

The solar system containing the Double planets of Asguardia and Alfheim and the planet Mos Eisley are located here near the Warp Barrier.

The planets Kurga, Fest, Felonia, and Chandrila are located in the Delta Quadrant.