The Church of the True God is a major Shi'ar faith that was common in the Old Universe and remains so in the Pocket Universe.  The Church of the True God was the official state religion of both the Shi'ar's original intergalactic, Old Universe Imperium and the current New Shi'ar Imperium.  However, both governments, while encouraging both Shi'ar and non-Shi'ar to convert to the worship of the so-called True God, usually respected religious freedom for alternate faiths. 

The Church's teachings focus on monotheistic worship of the True God, a standard of right and wrong, and reincarnation of souls into new mortal bodies until they are morally pure enough for union with the True God.

The leadership of the Church of the True God, at least the official, orthodox branch of the religion, is vested in a Holy Synod on Chandilar, and local leadership in bishops scattered across the Pocket Universe appointed by the Synod. 

There are, however, independent, local sects of True God worshipers who refuse to recognize the authority of the Holy Synod on Chandilar and it's appointed bishops.

In the Pocket Universe in Year 12,600, the official, orthodox branch of the Church of the True God is no more, replaced by countless local sects of True God worshipers. However, faith in the True God has become much more fervent, thanks to viruses engineered by the Cylons and the Pure Imperium that wiped out Humans and Sontarans for the most part, which were interpreted as signs for people to repent.