Asguardian Dwarfs, like Star Elves, hail from the solar system containing the Double planets of Asguardia and Alfheim.

Asguardian Dwarfs are short but strong humanoid with grey skin and black hair and beards.  They are well-known for their mining industry and brewing of alcoholic beverages.  They dominate the mining industry within the asteroid belt in their native solar system as well as the manufacture of spaceships used by both Asguardian Dwarfs and Star Elves. 

They have actually settled in other portions of the Pocket Universe more often than their Star Elf counterparts, and have gained a strong foothold in the mining, alcoholic-brewing, and spaceship-building industries on a number of worlds.

In matters of religion, the Asguardian Dwarfs worship their own ancestors, who are believed to habe ascended to godhood.  However, some have converted to Shi'ar beliefs as represented by the Church of the True God (both the official Church and local splinter sects) and the Pantheon of the Old Gods.